Safety and comfort

Foam rubber mattress of „Gofer” type is recommended for prevention of bedsores. It prevents the occurrence of bedsores in areas exposed to pressure.

Product characteristics

Structure of the mattress with cut-outs in waffle shape provides good ventilation between the mattress and the patient’s body. The special shape of mattress improves blood circulation.

High quality foam and its elasticity provide equal distribution of pressure on the body and perfect adaptation to the person lying.

Mattress lining, with zipper allows multiple washing of the cover.

Sizes of bedsore mattresses of „Gofer” type in a cotton cover:

200cm x 90cm x 10cm
200cm x 90cm x 12cm
200cm x 90cm x 15cm

There is also a possibility of making mattress of other sizes on request. Mattress cover could be made of cotton or washable breathable fabric on request.