Wheelchair is a functional prosthesis, that’s why the choice of wheelchair type has a great influence on the independence of a user.

Taking this into account, we created a perfect offer for grown-ups and children with lower limbs disorders, who have no contraindications for physical exertions.


       The main advantage of our wheelchair is individual selection of its frame to the height and weight of user and a big choice of different additional equipment:

 - handles for accompanying person

- anti-tilt wheels,

- traction hoops of wheels covered with PVC or painted,

 - rear fenders,

- front wheels 4’’, 5’’,

- sport drive wheels,

- different colours.

    Wheelchair UNITY SET is designet in accordance with latest technologies and existing safety regulations.


- tough and light frame made of durable aluminium alloy,

- foldable backrest,

- infinitely variable regulation of the center of mass,

- infinitely variable regulation of the height of the footrest,

- easy removal rear wheels.

       There is a possibility of wheelchair founding by the National Health Fund and National Center for Family Support in case of prescribing the wheelchair by doctor.